Tuesday, February 23, 2010

God Has put the Peace of the World in Her Heart

There has been so much terrible news in the recent past, and not much on the horizon looks promising, either.  Sometimes I find myself in a quandry as to what to do, who to write to, where to start... then, I remember that there's only one place to go, and that's to my knees in prayer.  Lately the story of Fatima has been coming back to me, again and again.  Especially the request of the Blessed Mother to honor the first Saturday devotions.  That is, to attend Mass, pray the Rosary and meditate for 15 minutes on the mysteries of the Rosary for 5 consecutive first Saturdays (or every first Saturday, for that matter).

While at the March for Life last month, I bumped into Father Andrew Apostoli, CFR, who has been very involved in the promotion of the Fatima message.  I told him that I had just watched the movie, "The 13th Day," and was especially moved by it.  Father Apostoli said that it was important to watch the additional commentary that was provided with the film, explaining the messages of Fatima.  He said that we have to get back to observing the first Saturday devotions.  In fact, he is working on a book about Fatima, the messages, and first Saturdays, and had just finished the 13th chapter the night before.

It's quite amazing to ponder the role of Fatima over the last century.  Pope John Paul II was shot on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima.  His would-be assassin even asked whose feast day it was in the church because, as he put it, "I never miss.  My hand guided the gun, but someone else's hand guided the bullet."  The Holy Father asked that the documents relating to the third secret of Fatima be brought to him in his hospital room as he recovered.  This secret revealed the assassination attempt on the pope.  After he recovered, the pope brought the bullet to Fatima and had it placed in Our Lady's crown.

The one inextricable message from Fatima is the link between peace and prayer.  As Father Apostoli said at the "Worldwide Fatima Sanctity of Life Day" last year:

“God has put the peace of the world in her heart,” Fr. Apostoli said of Mary. “Our Lady of Fatima said if people observed what she said, there would be peace; if not, there would be more war.”

Fr. Apostoli noted that Our Lady of Fatima’s prediction rang true with the end of the Cold War.

“The Pope consecrated Russia to Mary and there was a period of peace following the Cold War,” he explained, exemplifying one of the promises of Fatima. “The Berlin Wall came down without bloodshed; the Soviet Union disintegrated …. Prayer has spiritual power. There is an old saying that there are more things wrought in this world by prayer than people imagine.”

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