Monday, February 15, 2010

Creative Minority Report and Baby Gianna

Please go to Creative Minority Report this week and follow their story about baby Gianna.  I don't know where the story is going, but the Archbolds have asked us to read along all week to learn about what happened to baby Gianna whose mother was being pressured to abort.  Today's installment does not bode well for the poor baby, whose diagnosis is critical, when the doctor at the Catholic hospital tells the mom to consider "termination."  I love these code words for abortion...."termination."  It certainly dances around the issue, doesn't it?  I guess "killing" would be a little too precise, but why won't they just say abortion?.

A number of years ago, a family friend learned that her unborn child would be born with down syndrome.  The obstetrician advised her to speak to a genetic counselor about her "options."  She was elated, thinking that the counselor would give her advice on how to raise a child with this condition.  When she went to the meeting and learned that "options" meant "abortion" she was flabbergasted (this was 17 years ago, before we were clued in about the code words). 

Isn't it strange how we're not permitted to use words such as handicapped or retarded anymore because they might offend the people with that condition.  This is fine when it is well-intentioned, but what does it mean when we create a language that implies we are concerned about the feelings of people who don't fit our perfect mold, but then we do our best to prevent them from being born?  What kind of true compassion is that?  We are sensitive to your feelings, but we'd rather not have any more of you.  Nice.

Well, I am anxious to hear the next installment of the baby Gianna story, but I'm beginning to have a bad feeling.

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