Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Gianna - Catholic Hospital Refers For Abortions

Please keep reading the story of baby Gianna over at the Catholic Minority Report.  Jessica Chominski, the sole employee of a crisis pregnancy center in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, had been helping a pregnant woman who was being pressured to have an abortion.  Here's what happened when they went to the local Catholic hospital for testing:
While treating her, doctors discovered fetal abnormalities in the 18-week-old fetus, including diseased kidneys and underdeveloped lungs resulting from a dearth of amniotic fluid. Despite being in a Catholic hospital, the doctor stunned them by saying that since the baby had no chance of living he recommended an abortion.

Jessica was stunned but managed to remind him that they were in a Catholic hospital but the doctor, according to Jessica, merely said that while he couldn’t do it there, Rebecca could come to his office in Abington where he could arrange it.

“'Utter frustration', 'Disappointing', 'Infuriating'” are still some of the only words Jessica can use to describe her feelings regarding the doctor's suggestion in a Catholic hospital.

After months of working with the baby's mother to help her choose life, the doctor at the Catholic hospital "kicked back all the work we’d done."
 Unfortunately, I am not shocked by what happened.  I'm disgusted and angered, but not shocked.  Perhaps the role of Catholics is going to be one of fighting the system from the outside.  Sometimes when you get too intertwined with the world, the temptation is to compromise.  A similar thing seems to happen in other institutions such as Catholic Charities.

Thanks to the guys at Creative Minority Report for bringing this to light.  According to post, the story was picked up by the Philadelphia Bulletin and a "firestorm of criticism" has begun.  May good come out of this terrible incident.

And, in fact, much good has come from the courageous decision of baby Gianna's mother to carry her to term.  As Jessica recounts,
“It was an honor to be there. A witness of God’s mercy. And they all treated this baby like a person,” said Jessica. “And she died with Christ and as tragic as it was it, was the most beautiful thing we could’ve asked for. Now the baby’s in heaven.”

The nurse pulled Jessica aside and told her that she'd go to Church on Sunday and pray for little baby Gianna. Jessica told her that baby Gianna would be praying for her as well.

Baby Gianna had finally found her safe harbor. For so long Jessica had worried that this little lost sheep was without a shepherd, but that day little baby Gianna found her eternal home in the arms of Christ the Shepherd.

Baby Gianna had a mother who fought for her and a God who loved her. “As a parent it’s your job to get your child to heaven," said Jessica. "That is what parenthood is supposed to be. And she did it.”

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