Monday, January 18, 2010

Pro-Life Tuesday

Building on 7 Quick Takes Friday, I'm going to try to do a Tuesday post with some Pro-Life Quick Takes from the past week.


Fetal cells used in Swiss face cream!  (OK, so this isn't from the past week, but since this is my first Pro-Life Tuesday I have a lot of catching up to do).  Back in November, the Swiss company Neocutis was found to use the skin tissue of a 14-week old fetus that was electively aborted in the manufacture of several of its face creams.  The company defends its use of the fetal tissue by saying that it wasn't involved with the abortion and that the abortion was done "morally and legally."  Oh, well that makes it all o.k.!!  And, the company says that fetal tissue can produce bandages that will help patients suffering severe wounds.  We'll have to do another post on the teaching of the Church that the end doesn't justify immoral means.  And, the thought of using face cream made from aborted babies is just beyond comprehension.


Planned Parenthood is sending condoms and birth control to Haiti.  Just when you think the anti human life forces can't get any more bizarre, LifeNews reports that Planned Parenthood (or Planned Barrenhood, as it's known in the pro-life world) is soliciting donations for its local Haitian organization in order to hand water? medicine?...No, they are giving out contraceptives.  This is the same organization that offered one month of free birth control to women in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. 


Stop the Abortion Mandate is issuing a call to all participants in this year's March for Life, to make this year's march a statement on keeping abortion out of health care.  They are asking marchers to bring signs protesting abortion coverage in the health care legislation and to continue marching past the Supreme Court straight to their representatives' offices to lobby against abortion coverage.

PERSONHOOD is the theme of this year's March for Life.  The American Life League has been encouraging marchers to keep the personhood movement at the forefront of the march.  Simply put, the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects "persons" from the wrongful deprivation of life.  In fact, Justice Blackmun in the Roe v. Wade decision stated that the right to an abortion would not have been granted if the fetus had been shown to be a "person."

Protesters gathered outside the soon to be opened Planned Parenthood "super center" in Houston, Texas.  The  story building is set down right at the intersection of poor black and hispanic neighborhoods.  On this day honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King, we raise our voice in protest over the genocide that is taking place in poor communities.  According to the Guttmacher Institute, one out of every three black pregnancies ends in abortion.   Dr. King's niece, Alveda King, calls abortion and racism the evil twins.  As we've reported before, Planned Parenthood had its start in the Eugenics movement, where the goal was to create an ideal society that would weed out the minorities, the disabled and those deemed "unfit" for life.

And, the most telling statement related to abortion in the past week was Martha Coakley, Democrat candidate for Senate in Massachusetts, telling a radio interviewer that rather than requiring the government to respect the consciences of health care workers, Catholics should probably not be working in emergency rooms.  This comment was based on the premise that a conscience clause in the health care legislation would allow Catholics to refuse to participate in the distribution of abortifacients or contraceptives.

And that, my friends is a quick review of pro-life issues from the past week.  Hopefully, next week I'll be able to share some highlights from the March for Life.  Keep up the good fight!

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