Sunday, January 24, 2010

Newsweek: Get a Clue

The day of the March for Life, Newsweek blog writer, Krista Gesaman, wrote a post entitled, "Who's Missing at the 'Roe v. Wade' Anniversary Demonstrations?  Young Women."  This is what I mean by the left "whistling past the graveyard."  They really are afraid of the truth.  Why?  Because the truth shows that the country is turning pro life.  The recent survey that showed the majority of Americans calling themselves pro-life has got to be scaring the wits out of the pro-abort crowd.  If Ms. Gesaman had bothered to actually take a look at the March for Life, instead of reporting on it before it took place, she would have seen young faces, male and female, predominating.   Unfortunately, you couldn't find any news on the event unless you actually went searching for it.  EWTN, of course, broadcast the entire rally and the march.  I saw a FoxNews truck there, so I assume they were doing some reporting   But where was the rest of the media?  With their heads in the sand, as usual, when it comes to a news event that doesn't fit their agenda.  You may want to add your comment at Ms. Gesaman's blog to give her an update on where things are heading.

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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