Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Boo! Part Three - Dead Men Tell No Tales

Part Three of Boo! About Ghosts

"Dead men tell no tales!"
Hiriam Breakes, a Dutch pirate,
whose words were used in the novel,
Treasure Island,  by Robert Louis Stevenson,
spoken by his fictional pirate,“Long John Silver.”

Continuing from  Part Two, we had explored that the existence of certain paranormal activities colloquially called “ghosts” has been documented extensively in recent years. 

The existence of certain paranormal activities colloquially called “ghosts” has been documented extensively in recent years. “Ghosts” ― paranormal activities ―  really exist.  Many people are seeking out these phenomena. Many are being lured into the paranormal as a form of entertainment or recreation, with no regard for the inherent spiritual and emotional dangers in these activities.

When people go to séances, use a Ouija Board, or go on ghost hunting expeditions to see or hear “ghosts,” are they seeing and hearing the disembodied souls of human persons, or spirits created as discarnate beings (without physical bodies)? (Discarnate beings include angels, both holy and fallen. The fallen angels are referred to as demons or devils.)

Expressed as a simpler question: At a séance, when a Medium tells you that you have been contacted by your deceased Aunt Tilly ― is that really your Aunt Tilly?  Or is it some thing  that is hell-bent on deceiving you and destroying your holiness and your life?

Stay with me as we explore a “sidebar” from Catholic Eschatology – the theology of death and the afterlife.  Here we go:
When we die, we will find ourselves standing before God immediately after death. This will not be the first time nor the only time we will have encountered our Creator! God has been present to us throughout our whole life.  But, immediately after our death, God will confirm the persons you and I have freely chosen to develop and present to Him.
There is a long-standing teaching, from Our Lord Jesus and His Apostles, that each individual will appear before God immediately after death, receive judgment, and be assigned to one of three states of existence: Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell. This experience of judgment has been popularly called the Particular Judgment (the Individual or one-on-one judgment only involving God and the individual soul).
From our Particular Judgment, we will be assigned to Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell, to await the Lord’s Final Judgment.
Ultimately, at the ends of the world and time, there will be a Final or Last Judgment. At the Final Judgment, all souls will gathered together to stand before Our Lord, who will publicly reveal our lifetime’s sins or sanctity. Our Final Judgment concludes with God’s public confirmation of our status in the afterlife: either eternal happiness in Heaven, or eternal unhappiness in Hell.
Alright, dear Academicians, welcome back from the Eschatology Sidebar!  Hope you enjoyed it.  Now, I have a question for you:
  • The Book Of Wisdom tells us, “The souls of the righteous are in the Hand of God, and no torment will ever touch them” (Wisdom 3:1). 
  • IF the souls of deceased human beings, immediately after death, encounter God, are judged individually, and then dispatched to Hell, Purgatory, or Heaven until the Last Judgment comes,
  • THEN who's wandering the earth, moving the planchette around on the Ouija Board, or speaking through Mediums – since “dead men tell no tales”?
As per revealed truth, immediately after death, human souls are quartered in one of three states of existence.  Although this is the norm, God, on occasion, allows the souls of deceased persons in purgatory or saints in Heaven to appear to the living with a purposeful message or warning.  As well, the Lord allows certain souls, soon after death, to appear one last time to loved ones in dreams or visions; the goal of which is to assure the living that God is taking care of both the deceased and the living. 

The souls of deceased human beings are simply not roaming the earth, independent of God's will, nor giving interviews to Mediums and Ouija Boards. 

Given that paranormal activities are real and provable, the error people make comes not in asserting the reality of these phenomena, but in the explanation and origin of them. 

If these paranormal activities are not being caused by human souls, then it is a “no brainer” as to who, or what, conducts these phenomena.

To Be Continued ...

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