Thursday, October 8, 2009

When Is A Child Worthy of Protection by the Government?

There is an interesting story in the news today about a Philadelphia couple who have been arrested for not getting adequate care for their two year old son who died from pneumonia.  The couple, it is alleged, prayed for their son to be healed rather than take him to a doctor for antibiotics.  According to their lawyer, they thought the child had a cold and were not negligent.

The irony is that up until 2001, the government condoned withholding medical treatment from a child born during the course of an abortion, even if it would survive with adequate attention.  Such state sanctioned manslaughter was not chargeable. However, in 2002 President Bush signed into law the Born Alive Infant Protection Act that gave personhood to a baby who survived an abortion and needed care.

It would seem that providing care to such babies would be a "no brainer," however, Barack Obama, as an Illinois state senator in 2002, not only voted that providing medical care to such unwanted babies would be an "undue burden" to the mothers, he actively worked to prevent passage of the law.  In our strange world of hypocrisy and confusion, we can imprison parents who mistakenly seek religious solutions to medical problems, but laud those who would abort perfectly healthy babies even up to the time they're able to live on their own.  The guys at Creative Minority Report created an eloquent You Tube video during the election that perfectly captures the sentiment, "It's a Mad World."  (Please note there is one disturbing image in this video):

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