Monday, October 12, 2009

NY Times Publishes Balanced Front Page Article on Pro Lifers

Jill Stanek informs that the New York Times has actually published a front page story that is "fair and balanced" in its description of pro-life activists.  In fact, on its online edition, the Times not only entertains a respectful conversation with Monica Migliorino Miller, a theology professor and renowned pro-lifer, but even publishes graphic photos taken by Professor Miller of the bodies of aborted fetuses.  Professor Miller discusses finding the discarded babies at a medical lab where they had been sent for testing.  She and her husband, along with others, took the fetal remains and stored them until they could be given proper burials, including a funeral at which Cardinal Bernardin officiated.  Prior to burial, Professor Miller photographed some of the bodies and those pictures have become famous through their use at abortion clinic vigils and other demonstrations.  A   lawsuit against the professor and other pro-life advocates was decided in their favor in 2003.  This lawsuit was famous for the unsuccessful attempt by plaintiffs to use the RICO (racketeering) statute against pro-life demonstrators.

One  interesting comment made by Professor Miller in the interview was that her view of using graphic pictures of aborted babies has "evolved." and she no longer believes that the use of bloody, gory images are "acceptable."  The aim of her more recent photographs is to show the "beauty and humanity in the unborn child," and to evoke pity.  I have to say that I agree with her assessment.  Unfortunately, while the gory pictures may prompt some to change their mind about abortion, I have a feeling that they do more damage to the cause by creating an image of pro-lifers as cold hearted and unsympathetic.    It's an issue that has proponents on both sides, but in the end I believe that sympathy and pity, and above all, of course, love, are what will win the battle.

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