Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Suicide is Not Painless

For some reason, probably best known by God, our society is heading down a road towards disposal of human life when it becomes "burdensome" or inconvenient. Not so long ago, Dr. Jack Kervorkian was viewed as a monster who took advantage of the sick and weak and pushed them into killing themselves. Today we see a shift in the media view of suicide. Now it's called "choice in dying." The Hemlock Society has changed its name to "Compassion & Choices." Don't feel don't have to be a burden on your family or society, you can take a pill and be done with it. Where is the compassion in this?

Wesley Smith has a gripping cover article for the National Review entitled "The Creeping Culture of Euthanasia." In it, he writes:

Today, the most important assisted-suicide advocates tend to be affluent and well-tailored liberal women who travel the country pitching “aid in dying” to elite society and the mainstream media. They and their groups are well funded, by organizations such as the leftist Tides Foundation. (Compassion & Choices operates with a seven-figure annual budget.) Changing the movement’s image has made a difference in its results.

Please be aware that Compassion & Choices was actively involved in drafting the provision of the health care bill before Congress that requires end of life conversations with health care providers. We must stay vigilant and spread the word about this creeping malignancy. It is the elites who are preaching assisted suicide, but they are imposing it on others, not themselves.

Terminal and serious illnesses almost always have a mental health component. Being seriously ill brings about depression. What a sick person needs is care, not guilt about being a burden. We need to be there for the sick. We need to take on their burden. We have supernatural help in this work. Wasn't it the Lord who told us to yoke ourselves to Him...that His burden was easy?

The assisted suicide movement is a sure sign of what happens when society loses faith in God and its ultimate destination. May we have the strength to be the light that the shines in this darkness.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.

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