Friday, September 25, 2009

North Dakota Bishop Asks Priests To Pray Outside Abortion Clinic

Bishop Aquila of North Dakota has asked his priests to pray one hour outside an abortion facility during 40 Days for Life. According to LifeSite News, Bishop Samuel Aquila sent a letter to all of his priests in the diocese of Fargo, saying:

"I ask that each of you schedule at least one hour of prayer outside the abortion facility during these 40 days. I realize this will require great sacrifice for some of you in terms of miles traveled and time away from other pastoral duties. Yet I am confident that much fruit will come from your time spent in conversation with God at the site of this modern day, legally protected holocaust. Please also encourage your parishioners to take up the cross of Christ for the most vulnerable among us."

40 Days for Life began on September 23rd. It is an ecumenical effort of prayer and presence to bring an end to abortion. Please join your prayers to support this effort.

"I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life... "
Deuteronomy 30:19

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Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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