Saturday, August 22, 2009

On Your Mark; Get Set; PresbyteRacers!

I happen to live in a diocesan facility with several senior priests. The facility is quite large, requiring a lot of walking. Some of the senior priests use electric scooters to get around. And some of them drive their scooters very fast!

The weird video posted here was the deranged fruit of a conversation I had with the Coordinator For Senior Priests. We were laughing about the speed and abandon with which some of the senior priests move around the facility -- as if they are drag racing.

Some time later, as a kind of inside joke between the Coordinator and myself, I had the half-crazed inspiration to actually manufacture a racing car toy -- featuring some speed-addicted senior clergy.

After a clumsy recasting of a race track toy I discovered (Racing Grannies), I previewed it for our "Dean Of The Faculty Of Law," Marilyn Heller, who coined the word that describes the priests/racers. She said, "Call them presbyters" (from the Greek word, presbyteros: a priest). The presbyters/racers devolved into PresbyteRacers.

I sank further into madness with the notion that these toy characters should star in a short video.

And so, with the assistance of some cheesy special effects, the speedy PresbyteRacers were captured on video.

Please know that all of this is good-natured. It's meant as playful, fraternal teasing of thos
e senior presbyters who like to live in the ecclesiastical fast lane!

Fathers, start your engines...

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