Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Blessed Christmas

Just popping in to say hope that everyone is having a blessed Christmas and enjoying the octave of Christmas.  God willing, we'll be blogging more after New Year's Day.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pope Benedict's Short Sermon on Gaudete Sunday: Nativity Scenes Are A School Of Life

Greetings Academicians!  

Here's a nifty report from the Vatican Information Service.  I thought it might be appropriate in this Season in which many anti-religionists want Nativity Scenes to disappear.

VATICAN CITY, 13 DEC 2009 (VIS - ANG/CHRISTMAS/... VIS 091214 (530)) - This morning, following his visit to Rome's Sacred Heart Hospice, the Holy Father appeared at the window of his private study to pray the Angelus with faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square and, following a Roman tradition on this third Sunday of Advent, blessed the statues of the Baby Jesus which will be placed in nativity scenes in homes and parishes.

  "It is a source of joy for me", said the Holy Father, "to know that your families still conserve the custom of making nativity scenes. Yet it is not enough to repeat the traditional gesture, however important it may be. We must seek to live what the nativity scene represents in the reality of our everyday lives: that is, the love of Christ, His humility and His poverty".

  "The blessing of the 'Bambinelli' - as they are called in Rome - reminds us that the nativity scene is a school of life where we can learn the secret of true joy. This does not consist in possessing many things but in feeling ourselves to be loved by the Lord, in making ourselves a gift for others, and in loving one another. Let us consider the nativity scene: the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph do not appear to be a very privileged family, they had their first child amidst great hardship, yet they are full of intimate joy because they love one another, they help one another and, above all, they are certain that God is at work in their story".

  "And the shepherds", the Pope asked, "what reason do they have to be happy? That newborn infant will certainly not alter their poverty and marginalisation. Yet faith helps them to recognise in the 'child wrapped in bands of cloth and lying in a manger', the 'sign' of the fulfilment of God's promises for all the men and women 'whom He favours', even for them!"

  For this reason, Benedict XVI explained, true joy consists in "feeling that our individual and community lives are touched by and filled with a great mystery, the mystery of the love of God. In order to be joyful we need ... love and truth, we need a God Who is near, Who warms our hearts and responds to our most profound expectations".

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hey YouTube, Remove Eucharistic Desecration Videos!!

America Needs Fatima has a link to a petition to be sent to YouTube asking that they pull videos showing the desecration of the Eucharist.  Please go to the link and add your voice to those supporting this effort.  I really like YouTube for its videos, but if they continue to show these anti-Catholic, blasphemous videos, I may have to avoid them altogether.  Hopefully, saner minds will prevail and these videos will be pulled from the site.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

With A Capital "C"

I think you will enjoy this video as much as I did.  The group performing call themselves Go Fish. 
No need for me to explain the purpose of this video. And, so, dear Academicians, here are Go Fish:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

If You Insist on Deep Frying Your Turkey, Please Read This First

OK, I've never had deep-fried turkey, but I understand that it's gaining in popularity.  However, if you insist on cooking your turkey this way, please refer to the handy Popular Mechanics Guide for advice.  Otherwise, you may be in the same situation as this guy:

Can We Find One Righteous Man?

Well, it turns out that Senator Ben Nelson voted for cloture on the health "care" bill.  While this only means that the bill will pass to the floor for debate, Jill Stanek points out that 97% of the bills that receive cloture ultimately are passed.  It's unfortunate that Senator Nelson, who describes himself as pro-life, would not take a stand at this stage and stand up for the principle that all human life is sacred.  The loss of political office and political committe assignments always seem to come ahead of principles.  Very sad.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Pro-Lifers Did It!

The Pro-Lifers Did It!

In a column by Rich Lowrey at National Review Online, he notes that for the first time since Roe v. Wade a pro-life governor has been elected in New Jersey as well as Virginia. In addition, the health care bill was almost terminated in the House until they agreed to Congressman Bart Stupak's anti-abortion provision. This is good news and shows an overall trend in the United States toward pro-life. Recently, many in the media and elsewhere tried to show that the Republican party was being hurt be adhering to its conservative social principles. That thinking is being proven wrong.

Pray that Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) can stand tough in the Senate and make sure that abortion funding is not included in that chamber's bill. Unfortunately, it seems that Senator Nelson will vote tomorrow night for the bill to pass to the floor of the Senate for debate. The pro-life advocates were hoping that he would object to even that much progress. If Senator Nelson stands in the way of passage of this bill he will surely be made to pay for it by the powers that be in the Senate.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Senate Version of " Health Care" Bill Requires Payment for Abortions

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), the Senate Majority Leader, has introduced the Senate version of the "health care" bill.  The bill is over 2,000 pages in length and the senators were given 36 hours to read through it.   Then there will be a vote Saturday evening.  What is it with these Saturday votes?  If Senator Reid and Representative Pelosi really want to remedy our health care problems and craft vital legislation, why are they ramming through these monstrosities on weekend nights?  Why are they afraid of the light of the day?  And, why won't they give our legislators sufficient time to review these unwieldy propositions?

I think the answer is clear... they don't want analysis, they want a political victory and they are not concerned about the human cost.

Tom Peters at The American Papist blog highlights a speech by Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb) who states that all it will take to defeat the public funding of abortion is for one pro-life Democratic senator to stand up and vote no.  Who will that senator be?  Let's hope and pray that a pro-life Democrat has the courage and the conviction to stand up for human life.

No, You Can't Have My Rights -- I'm Still Using Them

That's what it says on a button given to the columnist Nat Hentoff by his daughter recently.  If you haven't heard of Nat Hentoff, he was a columnist for The Village Voice for many years, espousing civil rights and what one would think of as typically "liberal" causes.  What shook the left was when Mr. Hentoff proclaimed himself to be pro-life in the 1980's; a decision he saw as quite consistent with his anti-war, pro civil rights thinking.  However, he soon learned that others in his profession did not see the consistency.

In a recent column for the Human Life Review , Hentoff describes the personal and professional difficulties that came to him after his announcement of his anti-abortion stance.  He almost had a school of journalism named for him at Antioch College, until they learned he was pro-life.  The dean had to sheepishly call him back after the announcement to tell him that they had changed their minds.

He was a writer for The Progressive for many years and believes he was not only the sole pro-lifer on the staff, but among the readership, as well.  Mary Meehan, another civil rights activist turned pro-lifer, wrote in its pages:
"It is out of character for the left to neglect the weak and helpless.  The traditional mark of the left has been its protection of the underdog...The unborn child is the most helpless form of humanity, even in more need of protection than the poor tenant farmer or the mental patient."
Why so many in the left-leaning political realm can't see the terrible injustice of abortion is puzzling.  Unfortunately, their blindness continues to permit the innocent to perish.

Friday, November 13, 2009

God Bless and Protect Our Troops

A little late for Veterans Day, but the sentiment is not diminished.  May the good Lord bless and protect all of our service men and women, especially those in harm's way.  And may the souls of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice rest in peace.  Eternal rest grant unto them, oh Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them.

No truer words have been spoken than "Freedom is not free."  Read this post by a Catholic mom of six who is waiting at home with her brood while her husband fights to preserve our liberty overseas.

And, let's not forget our priests who serve as military chaplains; 94 of whom perished in battle during the 20th century.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Is Why We Need to Stop the "Health Care" Legislation

Please watch this video, then call or email your representative in Washington to object to HR  3962, the proposed health care legislation.  Nancy Pelosi is about to attempt to ram through a vote on Saturday that will include public funding for abortions.  She will not even permit a vote on an amendment proposed by Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) that would prohibit the use of federal funds to pay for abortions.  No one can seriously say that health care includes taking an innocent life.  As they say, "sin makes you stupid."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Boo! Part Four - Swimming With The Spiritual Sharks

The Fourth and Final Part of 
BOO! About Ghosts...

'Tis now the very
witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn
and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world… .
William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2

Our Lord Jesus and His Apostles taught the Church that each individual will appear before God immediately after death, receive judgment, and be assigned to one of three states of existence: Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell.

This experience of judgment is called the Particular Judgment (the Individual or one-on-one judgment only involving God and the individual soul). From our Particular Judgment, we will be assigned to Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell, to await the Lord’s Final Judgment.

The Book Of Wisdom tells us, “The souls of the righteous are in the Hand of God, and no torment will ever touch them”(Wisdom 3:1). The souls of deceased human beings, immediately after death, encounter God, are judged individually, and then dispatched to Hell, Purgatory, or Heaven until the Last Judgment comes.

Neither your deceased Aunt Tilly nor any other human soul is moving the planchette around on the Ouija Board, nor speaking through Mediums. “Dead men tell no tales.”

The souls of human beings after death are present and accounted for in Hell, Purgatory, or Heaven. So, if human souls are not causing these paranormal events, then there's only one agency for these activities: Evil Spirits, Demons masquerading as the souls of deceased human persons.

A French priest and paranormal investigator, Pere Mainage, O.P., wrote a short and sweet summary of the directive principles of Catholic Teaching on “ghosts,” Spiritualism, Mediums, and paranormal activities. Simply stated:
  1. The Church has not dogmatically pronounced upon the essential nature of spiritualistic phenomena.
  2. Nonetheless, the Church forbids the general body of the faithful to take any part in spiritualistic practices. 
  3. When paranormal manifestations occur, the Church suspects that diabolical agencies are intervening. [La Religione Spirite, page 176]

There are reasons why God says “No” to human beings involving themselves with "ghosts" and spirits. Simply put, when we human beings get involved with discarnate spirits, like demons, we are swimming with sharks, playing with incredibly dangerous spiritual powers. 
  • They are psychologically stronger than us, smarter than us. 
  • They are hostile, angry, devious, evil beings which want to destroy us . 
  • They hate us. 
  • They want to pull us into the eternal misery and hopelessness that they exist in for eternity (see Chapter Three of The Book Of Genesis)

Evil spirits manage to capture us through our freely chosen, altered state of consciousness which we must be in in order to sense them.

For example: When we pray, especially in contemplation, we voluntarily shift our brain activity to a higher consciousness, a concentrated, intentional openness of our intellect and emotions, in order to discern the presence of God and permit Him to enter our hearts and minds.

In activities like séances, using a Ouija Board, or ghost hunting, we place our minds into a similar state of consciousness: an open, receptive, unprotected mindset. You unwittingly unlock all the doors and windows of your conscious and unconscious mind and emotions, and invite these monsters into your being.

It won't be long before you feel the effects of these diabolical squatters in your life.
  • They will start destroying your mind, emotions, and faith.
  • Demons accomplish their goals by “messing with your head.”
  • Sinful human pride is what coaxes people’s fascination with the paranormal.
  • Spiritualism and obsession with the paranormal are pseudo-religions: religions without God ― because, in these religions, you are god.
  • Implanting tiny, poisonous seeds of temptation in your heart, they will stimulate feelings of omniscience in you, feelings that you are special, apart from and better than other people ― because of the knowledge you obtain from these spirits.
  • They will stroke your ego and help inflate it.
  • Then, when you are so pleased and comfortable with all your “specialness,” comes the catch.

Do you recall a scene in the second Star Wars movie, where Luke Skywalker is trying to convince Yoda to train him as a Jedi? Luke says, “I can do it! I’m not afraid!” Yoda responds, “You will be… you will be!”

And so will you, if you mess with discarnate beings who have fallen from God's grace!
  • You will know a ruinous fear like you’ve never felt before.
  • Those tiny seeds of temptations will soon be gone.
  • But in their places, will erupt demonic vines which will coil around you and hold you tight.
  • You will be afraid!
The demons will keep attacking you intellectually and emotionally:
  • At any time or any place they desire. 
  • They will terrorize you over and over with feelings of fear, isolation, paranoia, indecisiveness, helplessness, defenselessness and vulnerability. 
  • You may hear their voices. 
  • You may see things. 
  • Your emotions will suddenly change from normal and balanced into a weepy, lonesome, deep despair.

You will especially feel these in regard to your relationship with God. 
  • The demons will tell you that God will not forgive you; 
  • That they own a piece of you now, and that no one can help you. 
  • Your faith will be attacked – beaten to a bloody pulp. 
  • And finally comes the despair and thoughts of suicide.

Isolation, rage, despair, and hopelessness are what these evil beings will feel for eternity. And misery does love company ― especially captive human company.

No one should deceive himself about the spiritual dangers involved.
  • These evil spirits truly can hook one of their claws into your soul.
  • Hey, after all, you did invite them to come in!
  • You even poked a hole through one of the shingles on your roof to give them access.
  • And, now, they will come and go as they please.
  • But, they mostly do not go. And getting them out is intensely difficult. 
  • Ask any exorcist, or anyone who has been delivered from these unseen monsters.

In the First Part of this Series, I offered some proverbial wisdom: "If you play with fire, you are going to get burned."   As another saying goes, if you play, then you'll pay. You will eventually suffer losses:
  • The loss of your faith and hope;
  • The loss of peace and balance in your life;
  • The loss of your feeling loved by friends or loved ones (whom you will unconsciously push away from you to produce that loss of love);
  • The loss of self-confidence and decisiveness, and in some cases,
  • The loss of your sanity!

Any attempt to communicate with the Unseen through spiritualistic practices and psychics is extremely dangerous. The Church, down through the ages, has very wisely forbidden it.

Historically, there are two decisions rendered by the Holy Office which deal directly with the question concerning Catholics being involved with spirits, Spiritualism, and Mediums.
  • The first decree is is dated March 30, 1898. It is a reference to the practice of automatic writing. The question was: " (A man named) Titius, while excluding from his purpose any compact with the spirit of evil, is accustomed to evoke the souls of the dead. His method is this: Being alone in his room, without any kind of external ceremony, he prays to the leader of the heavenly hosts to grant him the opportunity of conversing with the spirit of some definite person. He waits for a little time and then he feels his hand moved, and by this he learns the presence of the spirit. Then he explains what he wants to know and his hand writes the answers to the questions proposed. All these answers are in accord with the Faith and with the Church's teaching regarding a future life. For the most part such replies relate to the state of the soul of some dead person, the need that it has of prayers, and complaints of the negligence of its relatives. In the circumstances explained it is asked whether this practice of Titius is permissible."
  • The answer was: “In the circumstances explained it is not permissible.” This decision was ratified by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII. [Analecta Ecclesiastica, Vol. VI, p.187]

Twenty years later, in a full assembly of the Congregation of the Holy Office, the following question was discussed:
  • "Is it lawful by means of a medium, or without a medium, whether hypnotism be employed or not, to take part in any sort of spiritistic communications or manifestations, even such as present an appearance of sincerity and piety, either by questioning the souls or spirits, or by listening to the answers received, or merely by looking on, even with a silent or explicit protest that one has no wish to have anything to do with evil spirits."
  • The answer was: "The most Eminent and Reverend Fathers decided that in every one of these suppositions the answer must be in the negative." This decree was ratified on April 26, 1917, by His Holiness Pope Benedict XV. [Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Vol. IX, p. 268.]

“Do not have recourse to the spirits of the dead
or to mediums: they will defile you.”
Leviticus 19:31

“Any man or woman who is a necromancer or magician must be put to death by stoning; their blood shall be on their own heads.”
Leviticus 20:27

“There must never be anyone among you who practices divination,
who is a psychic, augur, or sorcerer, who uses charms,
consults ghosts and spirits, or calls up the dead.
For the man who does these things
is detestable to the Lord your God!”
Deuteronomy 18:10-12

If you or anyone you know have been involved with Psychics, Mediums, Séances, Ouija Boards, Automatic Writing, Table Tipping, Tarot Cards, or Ghost Hunting, please urge them to give it up, to admit these sins in  Confession, and start or resume living Christian lives as holy as possible.

This Concludes The Series on Ghosts

Boo! Part Three - Dead Men Tell No Tales

Part Three of Boo! About Ghosts

"Dead men tell no tales!"
Hiriam Breakes, a Dutch pirate,
whose words were used in the novel,
Treasure Island,  by Robert Louis Stevenson,
spoken by his fictional pirate,“Long John Silver.”

Continuing from  Part Two, we had explored that the existence of certain paranormal activities colloquially called “ghosts” has been documented extensively in recent years. 

The existence of certain paranormal activities colloquially called “ghosts” has been documented extensively in recent years. “Ghosts” ― paranormal activities ―  really exist.  Many people are seeking out these phenomena. Many are being lured into the paranormal as a form of entertainment or recreation, with no regard for the inherent spiritual and emotional dangers in these activities.

When people go to séances, use a Ouija Board, or go on ghost hunting expeditions to see or hear “ghosts,” are they seeing and hearing the disembodied souls of human persons, or spirits created as discarnate beings (without physical bodies)? (Discarnate beings include angels, both holy and fallen. The fallen angels are referred to as demons or devils.)

Expressed as a simpler question: At a séance, when a Medium tells you that you have been contacted by your deceased Aunt Tilly ― is that really your Aunt Tilly?  Or is it some thing  that is hell-bent on deceiving you and destroying your holiness and your life?

Stay with me as we explore a “sidebar” from Catholic Eschatology – the theology of death and the afterlife.  Here we go:
When we die, we will find ourselves standing before God immediately after death. This will not be the first time nor the only time we will have encountered our Creator! God has been present to us throughout our whole life.  But, immediately after our death, God will confirm the persons you and I have freely chosen to develop and present to Him.
There is a long-standing teaching, from Our Lord Jesus and His Apostles, that each individual will appear before God immediately after death, receive judgment, and be assigned to one of three states of existence: Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell. This experience of judgment has been popularly called the Particular Judgment (the Individual or one-on-one judgment only involving God and the individual soul).
From our Particular Judgment, we will be assigned to Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell, to await the Lord’s Final Judgment.
Ultimately, at the ends of the world and time, there will be a Final or Last Judgment. At the Final Judgment, all souls will gathered together to stand before Our Lord, who will publicly reveal our lifetime’s sins or sanctity. Our Final Judgment concludes with God’s public confirmation of our status in the afterlife: either eternal happiness in Heaven, or eternal unhappiness in Hell.
Alright, dear Academicians, welcome back from the Eschatology Sidebar!  Hope you enjoyed it.  Now, I have a question for you:
  • The Book Of Wisdom tells us, “The souls of the righteous are in the Hand of God, and no torment will ever touch them” (Wisdom 3:1). 
  • IF the souls of deceased human beings, immediately after death, encounter God, are judged individually, and then dispatched to Hell, Purgatory, or Heaven until the Last Judgment comes,
  • THEN who's wandering the earth, moving the planchette around on the Ouija Board, or speaking through Mediums – since “dead men tell no tales”?
As per revealed truth, immediately after death, human souls are quartered in one of three states of existence.  Although this is the norm, God, on occasion, allows the souls of deceased persons in purgatory or saints in Heaven to appear to the living with a purposeful message or warning.  As well, the Lord allows certain souls, soon after death, to appear one last time to loved ones in dreams or visions; the goal of which is to assure the living that God is taking care of both the deceased and the living. 

The souls of deceased human beings are simply not roaming the earth, independent of God's will, nor giving interviews to Mediums and Ouija Boards. 

Given that paranormal activities are real and provable, the error people make comes not in asserting the reality of these phenomena, but in the explanation and origin of them. 

If these paranormal activities are not being caused by human souls, then it is a “no brainer” as to who, or what, conducts these phenomena.

To Be Continued ...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Boo! Part Two - Ghosts? Really? Really!

Part Two of Boo! About Ghosts
I look for ghosts; but none will force
Their way to me. 'Tis falsely said
That there was ever intercourse
Between the living and the dead.

 ~William Wordsworth,
 The Affliction of Margaret

Whenever teaching, writing about, or discussing theology, I have a pet phrase: Watch your language!

I'm not implying that my students or audience use vulgarities and cussin’ in my presence. (No, only after I leave!  Hardee-har-har!).

Ahem.  What I mean is this: When doing theology, it is of the utmost importance that anyone who  participates in the discussion, express his or her thoughts clearly and accurately, free of colloquial expressions, clichés, images or vocabulary which may alter, confuse or cloud the actual concept being discussed.

With that theological rule of thumb operating, let's do a little “Q and A.”

When I am speaking with someone or teaching a group, and I mention “ghosts”, I am usually grilled with the same question: “Do you believe in "ghosts"?”

Using my above-stated theological rule of thumb, my answer is usually, “I believe in God, His Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of our bodies, the Real Presence, and the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.  I don’t believe in "ghosts":  I  acknowledge the existence of the paranormal activity colloquially called, ‘ghosts.’

Then comes the secondary question: “Really? You really believe in "ghosts"? You’re a Catholic Priest! How can you believe in "ghosts"?” 

I usually parry by using a counter-question: “How can I not acknowledge ‘"ghosts"’? They are really real!”

Now, unless you’ve been stranded on Gilligan’s Isle, you surely must have seen commercials on television or ads in newspapers and magazines, advertising shows about “"ghosts"”  or  “ghost’-hunting. Many recent incidents of paranormal activities have been scientifically documented, with several eyewitnesses, who usually have video, audio, or photographic evidence capturing these strange incidents.  Like it or not, there’s no denying that these events are happening,  They are real.  But … real whatThe interpretation of these activities is the heart of the matter.  Yes, okay, we see the video capturing a paranormal event; but who or what is performing for the cameras?

Since ancient times, across many cultures, there have been acknowledgements of the existence of "ghosts" or discarnate spirits. This includes the Ancient Jews.

Follow me now, as we “go through the back door” to prove something:

    ✓    God ’s Laws, revealed to the Jewish people, include prohibitions of any activity involving speaking with the dead or with discarnate spirits. 
    ✓    In 1Samuel 28, we find King Saul consulting a”necromancer” (medium) so he could speak with the soul of the deceased judge, Samuel. 
    ✓    However, in Leviticus 19:31 the Lord says: “Do not have recourse to the spirits of the dead or to mediums: they will defile you.” (For “extra credit, read Deuteronomy 18:10-12, Leviticus 20:27.)
    ✓    Saul sins and defiles himself by this activity.

If "ghosts" and discarnate spirits don’t exist, why does God prohibit interactions with them?

And, so, humanity has always acknowledged the presence of beings like "ghosts".

The pragmatic issue within this fact is this:  When people go to mediums or on ghost hunting expeditions to see or hear “ghosts,” are they seeing and hearing the disembodied souls of human persons, or spirits created as discarnate beings (without physical bodies)? (Discarnate beings include angels, both holy and fallen. The fallen angels are referred to as demons or devils.)

Expressed as a simpler question: When a "ghost" tells you through a Medium or Ouija Board that you have contacted your deceased Aunt Tilly — is that really your Aunt Tilly?  Or is it some thing  that is hell-bent on deceiving you and destroying your holiness and your life? (There will be more about this in the next Post.  Stay tuned!)

So, yes, “ghosts” really exist.  But that doesn’t mean that you and I should be involved with them as a form of entertainment or recreation.  There are reasons why God says NO to that.  The primary reason is that human beings involved with "ghosts" and spirits are in deep waters that are way over our heads.  It’s like playing “Tag” with the demons. Play with those nasty, hostile, lying playmates, and you’ll eventually suffer loss: the loss of your faith and hope, the loss of peace and balance in your life, and in some cases, emotional breakdown and loss of sanity!

Faithful Catholics will trust God and His decisions regarding human beings’ involvement in spiritually dangerous pursuits.  After all, He is God and we are not.  To think that we actually know better than God is foolish and ignorant, and a product of inflated pride.  Thinking that way is dumb, dangerous, and  sinful!

Sadly, human beings arrogantly thinking that something which God prohibits is actually beneficial to us (because we will learn what only God had known and we will be as intelligent as He is) is exactly the result of believing the lie which the Serpent (Satan, a discarnate spirit) told our first parents in an apple orchard in Eden (see Chapter Three of The Book Of Genesis).  Eve and Adam both believed that lie.  They swallowed it: hook, line, sinker, and fishing rod!  You and I are the inheritors of the virus of our protoparents’ Original Sin, with all the misery and  death it keeps reproducing in every human being conceived! 

Hopefully, you can see how sinful human pride easily connects to our society’s current fascination with the paranormal. That fascination increases in proportion to society’s  attempts to play God — to replace God — and to distance itself further and further from God and true religion.  Spiritualism and obsession with the paranormal amount to pseudo-religions: religions without God.  People are being lured into them, and dangerously deceived by them.  This cultural obsession with the paranormal is evil.  Catholics must have nothing to do with this.  No one should have anything to do with "ghosts" and mediums, whether as a form of entertainment, recreation, or “higher” education. 

So, my dear Academicians, take the Assistant Headmaster’s advice:  Attend to our Headmaster’s instructions!  If God communicates HIs warning and prohibition of certain actions or forms of knowledge, then we human beings should be compliant and confident that He knows better than we do, and that His prohibitions are for our own safety and happiness.   To think otherwise is reckless, excessive pride and immature defiance of God.  Such sinful, exaggerated self-confidence almost always ends in self-destruction.

To Be Continued…

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dark Side Of The Soul - Reprised

I thought I'd bring to your attention, dear Academicians, an article I stumbled upon.

It was written by Father Raymond DeSouza back in 2005. It is an insightful article about the Star Wars movies.  

Since this is the Catholic Jedi Academy, I thought this might be some reading for extra credit!

So, for your consideration: click this link: Dark Side Of The Soul 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All Souls Day Project - Pray for Priests

Father John Zuhlsdorf has an excellent suggestion on his blog "What Does the Prayer Really Say."  During the year of the priest, one can gain a plenary indulgence by praying for priests on the First Thursday of the month.  Since the Thursday following All Souls Day is a First Thursday, perhaps we can pray for the repose of the souls of our priests who have died.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  What do you think?

Here's a link to a beautiful Rosary meditation by the TeDeum Foundation to be prayed for the souls of priests in purgatory:  TeDeum Foundation.org.
And, here's another prayer for the souls of priests from various sources (from a website called catholic tradition.org): 

O GOD, Who in the ranks of the Apostolic Priesthood hast caused Thy servants to be invested with the Pontifical or Priestly dignity; grant, we beseech Thee, that may also may be joined unto the everlasting fellowship of the same Thy Priests. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Incline Thine ear, O Lord, unto our prayers wherein we humbly pray Thee to show Thy mercy upon the soul of Thy servant [name the priest], whom Thou hast commanded to pass out of this world, that Thou wouldst place him in the region of peace and light, and bid him be a partaker of Thy Saints. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

MY Jesus, by the sorrows Thou didst suffer in Thine Agony in the Garden, in Thy Scourging and Crowning with thorns, in the Way to Calvary,  in Thy Crucifixion and Death, have mercy on the souls of priests in Purgatory, especially those most forgotten and who have no one else to pray for them. I wish to remember all those priests who ministered to me, the priests my heart have never forgotten, and for those that I no longer recall due to my frailty of memory.
Do Thou deliver them from the dire torments they endure; call them and admit them to Thy most sweet embrace in Paradise.
Our Father, Hail Mary, and: 


WOW! What A Trick!

Alright, dear Academicians:  Tell me how this was done and receive extra credit.  Maybe I'll send you a prize or something.  Maybe!  Meanwhile, watch this!

Cool! Archbishop Dolan has a Blog

Good news!  New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan now has a blog on the Archdiocesan website.  (The only negative aspect of the blog is the archbishop's advice to Mets fans that they be sure to observe the feast of St. Jude on October 28th - the feast of hopeless causes!  Oh, it's rough not being a Yankees fan in New York).

Yesterday Archbishop Dolan posted comments supportive of  Bishop Tobin of Rhode Island in his reprimand of Congressman Patrick Kennedy.  Congressman Kennedy had recently criticized the Catholic Bishops of the United States, wrongfully accusing them of being opposed to universal health care. Evidently Representative Kennedy feels that protecting the unborn is not a valid reason to oppose the health care legislation that is being proposed for our nation.  He also must believe that Catholic physicians, nurses and other health care workers do not have the right to defend their conscience by being exempted from participating in immoral procedures, such as abortion.  It seems that Mr. Kennedy is promoting health care legislation at any cost...even the cost of the lives of scores of unborn children.

As Archibishop Dolan states in his post:
The Catholic community in the United States hardly needs to be lectured to about just healthcare. We’ve been energetically into it for centuries. And we bishops have been advocating for universal healthcare for a long, long time.
All we ask is that it be just that -- universal -- meaning that it includes the helpless baby in the womb, the immigrant, and grandma in a hospice, and that it protects a healthcare provider’s right to follow his/her own conscience.
Both bishops call for Representative Kennedy to issue an apology.  Unfortunately, we probably shouldn't hold our breath.

Monday, October 26, 2009

BOO! Part One: About Ghosts

Halloween is almost here... 
... And millions of Americans have already prepared for this secular holiday. Sales of Halloween candy, decorations, and costumes are brisk, even though our nation's financial crisis is far from over.
has grown into the nation's second largest holiday. Only Christmas produces larger retail sales... ."
"The National Retail Federation estimated the average consumer in 2003 spent about $41.77 on Halloween-related items, including $14.41 on candy, $14.85 on costumes and $10.37 on decorations. Total retail sales in 2003 surpassed $7 billion, up from $2.5 billion in 1997."
"Consumers spent about $2 billion on candy last year, making Halloween the biggest season for sweets. And the $586 million spent on decorations makes Halloween second behind only the Christmas season."

I find these facts rather unsettling. From my perch, here at the "Academy," I have been observing the rising popularity in all things paranormal. For example, on the subject of ghosts and hauntings, I have found an abundance of television programs featuring ghosts, contact with the dead, and ridding homes of unwanted spirits. 
Here's a example of these ubiquitous TV programs:  
  • Celebrity Ghost Stories
  • Extreme Paranormal
  • Ghost Adventures
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Ghost Hunters International
  • Ghost Stories
  • The Ghost Whisperer
  • Haunted History
  • John Edward (the TV "psychic") Cross Country
  • Medium
  • Paranormal State --
-- and there might be more programs that I missed. (If you, dear Academicians, know of more, I'd appreciate your launching an e-mail to me with said information. Thanks!)

Why am I writing about these things?  What makes me qualified?  Experience! Statistically, I must be part of a rare subset of people: people who have had several experiences with ghosts and hauntings in several different locations and countries. All told, I've had at least 19 separate experiences of paranormal activity. My first experience came when I was five-years-old. My most recent one: last month.

Over the years -- because of my experiences -- I have read a lot of books, done a lot of research, and asked a lot of questions about ghosts and hauntings.   As a priest, I expanded my knowledge of things that go bump in the night -- by contemplating Scripture, examining Church History, and studying the Church's teachings to cast light on these phenomena.

I've decided to write a few Posts on this topic, because of the disturbing increase of TV and radio shows, websites, blogs, and books on ghosts and hauntings.  I'm concerned about our societal fascination with ghosts and contacting the dead. What concerns me are the ways that people are seeking out these phenomena with no regard for the inherent
spiritual and emotional dangers in these events.  Several metaphors come to mind: 
  • "Curiosity killed the Cat"   
  • "If you play with fire, you are going to get burned."
  • "What you don't know CAN hurt you"
  • "He who knows better has never tried it."
  • Or as Steven Wright  once said: "Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards.
    I got a full house and four people died.
    (Sorry! Just a little humor!)
You catch my drift.  I'm sure that, by now, you understand the direction my thoughts are leading you in.  People are tinkering with something seriously dangerous.  And videotaping it for all to see and be misled.

In a lot of ways, this fascination with the paranormal is increasing as our society distances itself further and further from God and true religion.  Ouija Boards. Seances. Psychics and Mediums. Ghost hunting with cool technology.  Clubs whose sole focus is to experience the paranormal. It's like having the dark version of Halloween every day.  

These constitute a "religion without God." And more and more people are being lured into it -- and dangerously deceived by it.

Who are all these ghosts anyhow?  What causes hauntings, really?   What is wrong with consulting a psychic or medium?  Or conducting a Seance?  Or using a Ouija Board? Or hunting for ghosts? 

I hope to  explore these questions with you in future Posts.  Until next time, here's a proverb to think about and apply to the subjects in our brief exploration of paranormal activities:   "Dead men tell no tales."

Monday, October 12, 2009

NY Times Publishes Balanced Front Page Article on Pro Lifers

Jill Stanek informs that the New York Times has actually published a front page story that is "fair and balanced" in its description of pro-life activists.  In fact, on its online edition, the Times not only entertains a respectful conversation with Monica Migliorino Miller, a theology professor and renowned pro-lifer, but even publishes graphic photos taken by Professor Miller of the bodies of aborted fetuses.  Professor Miller discusses finding the discarded babies at a medical lab where they had been sent for testing.  She and her husband, along with others, took the fetal remains and stored them until they could be given proper burials, including a funeral at which Cardinal Bernardin officiated.  Prior to burial, Professor Miller photographed some of the bodies and those pictures have become famous through their use at abortion clinic vigils and other demonstrations.  A   lawsuit against the professor and other pro-life advocates was decided in their favor in 2003.  This lawsuit was famous for the unsuccessful attempt by plaintiffs to use the RICO (racketeering) statute against pro-life demonstrators.

One  interesting comment made by Professor Miller in the interview was that her view of using graphic pictures of aborted babies has "evolved." and she no longer believes that the use of bloody, gory images are "acceptable."  The aim of her more recent photographs is to show the "beauty and humanity in the unborn child," and to evoke pity.  I have to say that I agree with her assessment.  Unfortunately, while the gory pictures may prompt some to change their mind about abortion, I have a feeling that they do more damage to the cause by creating an image of pro-lifers as cold hearted and unsympathetic.    It's an issue that has proponents on both sides, but in the end I believe that sympathy and pity, and above all, of course, love, are what will win the battle.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

When Is A Child Worthy of Protection by the Government?

There is an interesting story in the news today about a Philadelphia couple who have been arrested for not getting adequate care for their two year old son who died from pneumonia.  The couple, it is alleged, prayed for their son to be healed rather than take him to a doctor for antibiotics.  According to their lawyer, they thought the child had a cold and were not negligent.

The irony is that up until 2001, the government condoned withholding medical treatment from a child born during the course of an abortion, even if it would survive with adequate attention.  Such state sanctioned manslaughter was not chargeable. However, in 2002 President Bush signed into law the Born Alive Infant Protection Act that gave personhood to a baby who survived an abortion and needed care.

It would seem that providing care to such babies would be a "no brainer," however, Barack Obama, as an Illinois state senator in 2002, not only voted that providing medical care to such unwanted babies would be an "undue burden" to the mothers, he actively worked to prevent passage of the law.  In our strange world of hypocrisy and confusion, we can imprison parents who mistakenly seek religious solutions to medical problems, but laud those who would abort perfectly healthy babies even up to the time they're able to live on their own.  The guys at Creative Minority Report created an eloquent You Tube video during the election that perfectly captures the sentiment, "It's a Mad World."  (Please note there is one disturbing image in this video):

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Lady of the Rosary - The Battle of Lepanto

On October 7, 1571 the Turkish armada was defeated by Christian naval forces in a decisive sea battle that saved Rome and much of Europe from Muslim conquest.  The victory came after Pope Saint Pius V urged Christians throughout Europe to pray the Rosary in advance of the battle, seeking the intercession of Our Lady to avoid defeat and bloodshed.  The Christian fleets, drawn from Venice, Genoa, Spain and the Knights of Malta, faced a proud and confident Turkish fleet whose galley slaves pulling the oars were half-starved Christian slaves.  In a 2007 article for National Review, Michael Novak wrote of the battle,  "The Christian victory was far more complete than anyone had dreamed. The victory seemed to many quite miraculous, and victory was immediately attributed to Our Lady Queen of the Rosary — soon to be called by a new title, Our Lady Queen of Victory. All over Europe, from city to town, church bells rang out continuously when news of the impressive victory arrived. Ever since, October 7 has been celebrated as a feast day by the Catholic Church."   It is especially important to remember that our struggles of today are not unique and to not lose confidence that prayer is, as always, the best weapon as well as the best path to peace in the world.

One Million Children to Pray Rosary for Peace

Venezuala's National Council on the Laity has established a program to encourage one million children to pray the Rosary for peace in the world.    The children are being asked to pray three times:  Once on October 16th in their schools, again on October 17th in their parishes, and then, finally, on October 17th at home with their friends and families.  The campaign is based on St. Pio of Pietrelcina's words:  "And to think that if one million children prayed the Rosary.  How many graces would be shed over the world!"  The website in English provides downloads and aids to help children with this program.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

God Save Us From Smart People (the ones without humility, that is)

In a recent column for National Review Online, Thomas Sowell discusses the danger in choosing leaders based on their intellectual prowess alone. His column was prompted by the over-emphasis in the media and elsewhere of  the oh-so-impressive academic credentials of  President Obama and his administration.  As Sowell relates, history shows that brains without wisdom can be more dangerous than beneficial.  He analyzes some of our previous, ivy-league educated administrations and the messes they created.  The article starts with FDR's "brain trust" which failed to come up with a solution to the Great Depression and, in fact, stretched out the suffering until another disaster, World War II, eventually brought it to an end. Not long thereafter,  he points out, it was LBJ's "whiz kids",  a group of well educated intellects led by Robert McNamara, who "micromanaged" the country into a disastrous situation in Vietnam.  Around the world, brilliant and charismatic leaders such as Adolf Hitler and Juan Peron, brought murder and destruction to their own people and others. 

Sowell notes that these very "smart" leaders had been told all their lives how brilliant they were, and eventually they began to overestimate their abilities. Great intellect combined with great ego can be a very, very dangerous commodity.  As Sowell notes, "There is usually only a limited amount of damage that can be done by dull or stupid people  For creating a truly monumental disaster you need people with high IQs."

In order for true intellect to be used for the good, it must be tempered with true humility.  Brilliance fueled by pride will always lead to disaster.  The pinnacle of this dangerous combination is the devil whose brilliance made him the "lucifer", the light bearer, but whose lack of humility led to his fall from heaven and the destruction of many souls.

May our leaders always remember that their intellect is a gift.  From God.  They are not responsible for their intelligence, but they are accountable for how it is used.  And, hopefully, they will use it in His service.  As Saint Therese, whose feast day we celebrate today, said, " ...the only good is to love God with all one's heart and to be poor in spirit here on earth."  Amen.

In Over 20 Years Of Officiating At Weddings...

...I have never had this happen:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Speciesism - Give The Dog A Bone, Or Else!

"A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy."  That's the title of Wesley Smith's forthcoming book on the "human cost" of the animal rights movement. Who would have thought that we would have to worry about animals being given rights and how they might be considered as equal to, or even superior to, human rights? Are animals able to have rights when they are not able to fulfill any responsibilities? The answer according to those who espouse the doctrine of "speciesism" is a resounding "yes."

SPECIESISM is a dangerous concept promoted by Peter Singer, professor of bioethics at Princeton University.  Singer, one of the driving forces behind the modern animal rights movement, argues that one species exercising power over another is a wrong that is comparable to racism or sexism.  He blames speciesism on the Judeo-Christian "prejudice" against animals  that began with the creation accounts in Genesis whereby God gave man "dominion" over the animals.  According to Singer, this was an injustice and animals have been suffering ever since.

While we are getting used to the educational "elite" on college campuses promoting strange philosophies,  who would have thought that these views would reach to the highest levels of government?  The administration's newly appointed regulatory "czar" , Cass Sunstein, explained in a 2002  Harvard paper  that  he could see a time in the future when animals would be granted the right to sue in court.  The idea sounds ludicrous, but Sunstein, wrote, "We could even grant animals a right to bring suit without insisting that animals are in some general sense 'persons,' or that they are not property."

OK, let me repeat that concept "...grant animals a right to bring suit"!!  

This would be funny if it weren't being proposed by one of the most powerful men in our society.  I'll be posting some more on the problems of animal "rights" advocacy and speciesism at a later date, but right now I have to go see if any of my neighbors are walking their dogs in the rain.  Maybe I can find some new clients who are being subjected to adverse weather conditions by oppressive members of another species!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

North Dakota Bishop Asks Priests To Pray Outside Abortion Clinic

Bishop Aquila of North Dakota has asked his priests to pray one hour outside an abortion facility during 40 Days for Life. According to LifeSite News, Bishop Samuel Aquila sent a letter to all of his priests in the diocese of Fargo, saying:

"I ask that each of you schedule at least one hour of prayer outside the abortion facility during these 40 days. I realize this will require great sacrifice for some of you in terms of miles traveled and time away from other pastoral duties. Yet I am confident that much fruit will come from your time spent in conversation with God at the site of this modern day, legally protected holocaust. Please also encourage your parishioners to take up the cross of Christ for the most vulnerable among us."

40 Days for Life began on September 23rd. It is an ecumenical effort of prayer and presence to bring an end to abortion. Please join your prayers to support this effort.

"I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life... "
Deuteronomy 30:19

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Year Of The Priest: Pope Benedict Teaches That The Role Of Priests Is Irreplaceable

Academicians, here is a story released by the Vatican Information Service on Thursday, September 17, 2009:

This morning in Castelgandolfo the Holy Father received a group of prelates from the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (Northeast 2), who have just completed their "ad limina" visit.

 Highlighting the functions of the various members of the Church, the Pope explained how "the particular identity of priests and laity must be seen in the light of the essential difference between priestly ministry and the 'common priesthood'. Hence it is important to avoid the secularisation of clergy and the 'clericalisation' of the laity".

  "In this perspective", he went on, "the lay faithful must undertake to give expression in real life - also through political commitment - to the Christian view of anthropology and the social doctrine of the Church. While priests must distance themselves from politics in order to favour the unity and communion of all the faithful, thus becoming a point of reference for everyone".

  Benedict XVI indicated that "the lack of priests does not justify a more active and abundant participation of the laity. The truth is that the greater the faithful's awareness of their own responsibilities within the Church, the clearer becomes the specific identity and inimitable role of the priest as pastor of the entire community, witness to the authenticity of the faith, and dispenser of the mysteries of salvation in the name of Christ the Head".

  "The function of the clergy is essential and irreplaceable in announcing the Word and celebrating the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist. ... For this reason it is vital to ask the Lord to send workers for His harvest; and it is necessary that priests express joy in their faithfulness to their identity".

  The Pope made it clear that "the shortage of priests must not come to be considered as a normal or typical state of affairs for the future". In this context he encouraged the prelates "to combine efforts to encourage new priestly vocations and find the pastors your dioceses need, helping one another so that all of you have better-trained and more numerous priests to support the life of faith and the apostolic mission".

  Referring then to the 150th anniversary of the death of the "Cure of Ars", which the Church is currently commemorating with the Year for Priests, Benedict XVI indicated that St. John Mary Vianney "continues even now to be a model for priests, especially in living a life of celibacy as a requirement for the total giving of self, expressed through that pastoral charity which Vatican Council II presents as the unifying center of a priest's being and actions".

  The Holy Father concluded by assuring the prelates of the existence of "many signs of hope for the future of particular Churches, a future that God is preparing through the dedication and the faithfulness with which you exercise your episcopal ministry".

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hard Hearts at Notre Dame

As part of a group of pro-life lawyers, I had the privilege to assist in the defense of several priests, religious and laypeople who were arrested for praying the Rosary "too close" to abortion clinics back in the 1990's during the Clinton administration. As anyone who has been wrongfully arrested can tell you, when the full weight of our legal system comes bearing down it takes a lot of resources, strength and stamina to withstand the assault. Our clients were ultimately found not guilty by a federal judge who was a devout Catholic. However, this was not enough for that extremely pro-abortion administration, who took the case all the way up to the full bench of the federal appeals court. The defendants, a small group consisting of a priest, a bishop and a young friar, were ultimately let go. I will always remember this case for the requirements imposed on the legal team by the defendants: we were only to use natural law in their defense. They were willing to go to jail to defend the unborn.

Now, here we are, over a decade later and I can't believe my eyes. I am reading a column from Catholic Exchange written by an attorney, Thomas M. Dixon, of Indiana. He has been recruited to represent 88 defendants who have been arrested for praying at the University of Notre Dame in protest of President Obama receiving an honorary degree. This group includes clergy and lay people, young and old, ordinary people and well known people. According to attorney Dixon, Father Jenkins, the president of Notre Dame, refuses to meet with him to discuss the case or to hear about the plight of these defendants. Can this be true? The "Catholic" university that was using the defense of dialogue to justify its honoring of the most pro-abortion president in the land, is now refusing to meet with the representative of the people they have had arrested. Where is the dialogue? Can they show no mercy to these protesters?

Please help with the defense of the "Notre Dame 88". I know that the costs involved in litigation can be enormous. Most of these people do not have the resources and the attorneys are working pro bono. There is a website entitled "Free the Notre Dame 88" with further information. In addition, contributions can be made to the Thomas More Society in Chicago (www.thomasmoresociety.org) a wonderful organization that has defended other pro-life advocates. May God bless these dedicated attorneys and the people they serve. And, may God change the hearts of the administration of Notre Dame.

Spirituality For Catholic Jedi, Part Five

We are exploring spirituality for Catholic
Jedi by examining three related themes:
First: What Is “The Spiritual Life?”
Second: What Is Prayer?
Third: How Should We Pray?
We continue with the Second Theme: What is prayer?

Our Lord Jesus calls you and me to abide in Him. He calls you and me to an intimate, personal relationship with Him. This relationship is a matter of experience.

By experience I do not mean a passing emotional state, but experience as a personal involvement.

The Lord calls you to experience Him, to experience a PERSONAL relationship with Him.

The Lord calls you not only to know about Him, but to know Him as a person.
  • The essential expression of our personal relationship with God is called prayer.
  • The essential activity that allows us to experience our personal relationship with God, is called prayer.
AND prayer is quite simple: Essentially, prayer is remaining in the Lord "unprotected," with no defenses, no masks, no disguises, no camouflage.

The Gospel Of Saint John points out that we share in God's own divine nature when we remain in Our Lord Jesus and His love --- like branches on a vine [John 15: 1-11]. Because, in fact, the Holy Spirit of Christ unites us to him.

As we hear in the First Letter Of John [1 John 4:13-15]: “By this we know that we are abiding in Him and He in us, because He has given us of His own Spirit. . . . Whoever confesses that Our Lord Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.”

The only begotten Son of God gives His Holy Spirit to human beings -- especially to those who are united with Him in faith. On THEM, He bestows all kinds of holiness:
  • He makes them relatives and sharers in His and the Father's nature;
  • He nourishes them with love;
  • He pours into them the knowledge of all virtue and goodness.
To enable us, to give us the ability to pray, Our Lord Jesus and the Father send us their Holy Spirit. And, through the Spirit, the Father and Son come to us and dwell in us -- as The Gospel According To John [John 14:23] says: “If a man loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.”

This divine indwelling changes us: We exist in a new way, in the Holy Spirit:
  • We are enabled by the Spirit in us to know and love God in a personal way.
  • We call this new way of existing, “grace.”
Prayer is, above all, God’s grace, His gift.

My prayer, even though it is my own activity, is a gift from God by which I enter into an interpersonal relationship with Him:
  • A truly personal relationship in which I know and love God;
  • And a truly personal relationship in which I accept God's knowledge and love of me.

Praying is about dropping all the defensive camouflage and shields, to stand naked before God and remain in Him.

Be very cautious with too much reading about prayer, too much talking about prayer, too much thinking about prayer: Reading, talking or thinking too much about our praying can be used by our sinful human nature to shield us from the Lord, hide us from Him, make us partially present to Him! Prayer calls for our TOTAL presence to the Lord, that He may take possession of us. And He will!

The purpose of prayer, the reason you and I even exist: is to stand exposed before God and remain standing before Him. But we have to WANT to stand before God -- we have to want it with an overpowering desire.

So . . . do YOU want to stand surrendered before God? When you sit yourself down to pray, ask yourself: WHAT DO YOU WANT? If you want God to take possession of you, then you are praying. That is fundamentally what prayer is!

Prayer is not always easy. But it is simple: If you desire to stand surrendered before God, then stand there; absolutely nothing else is needed.

Praying is simply abiding in the Lord -- being poor, with no defenses, and with a willingness to be trimmed clean to bear more fruit.

To Be Continued . . .

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
Take a moment and visit the MOSJ website.