Friday, July 15, 2011

Eric Clapton and Pavarotti Sing to the Blessed Mother

Did you ever stumble upon something that you can't believe happened without you ever knowing about it?  This happened to me today when I found this video of Eric Clapton and Luciano Pavarotti singing a song to the Blessed Mother.  Not only were they singing, but Eric Clapton actually wrote the song! It seems that he was driven to his knees during a rehab stay while struggling to overcome his substance abuse.  Here are some of the lyrics:

Holy Mother, where are you?
Tonight I feel broken in two.
I've seen the stars fall from the sky.
Holy mother, can't keep from crying.

Oh I need your help this time,
Get me through this lonely night.
Tell me please which way to turn
To find myself again.

Holy mother, hear my prayer,
Somehow I know you're still there.
Send me please some peace of mind;
Take away this pain.

Here is "Holy Mother", as performed by Eric Clapton and Luciano Pavarotti:

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